Tyvarian’s new AMETHYST color.

Amethyst   With its royal purples and calming creams an Amethyst shower or vanity top is a beautiful and elegant addition to any bathroom. This color is especially eye popping when you look at it in close-up where you can see the gorgeous detail and interesting patterns of the stone this image was derived from. You can see more of our offered colors by clicking here. Let us know what you think of this new color. Remember that every Tyvarian tub surround or bathroom top is sealed for life and maintains its color and luster forever. Tyvarian, endless possibilities!
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Coverings 2013 Atlanta, GA

20130502-215602.jpg Is it ceramic tile, wood or LVT (Luxury Vynil Tile)?? Truth be told, the floor coverings industry has done a fabulous job in looking far outside the box to create new products that are easier to jnstall and more durable than similar looking products in other raw materials. The wood planks you see in commercial spaces ( just look at the fitting room area in your local superstore) are now often an LVT product that is lighter per sq ft, easier to install, more resistant to moisture, scratches and dents. Thankfully, the engineered polymer industry is taking some lessons from the coverings industry and creating images stone composites duplicating the look of real stone or tile. See prior blog posts IMI's website
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Tyvarian Marble Subway Tile

20130428-112152.jpg Tyvarian marble is once again bringing excitement to your bathroom. The first install of Tyvarian marble subway tile panels produced a jaw dropping reviews by the home owner. No need to worry about mildew on the grout lines : there is no moisture absorbing grout in this panel! Even though you may see fine grout lines, there are all of composite construction and form an integral part of the wall panel. The image, tile look, grout impression, all sealed behind the outer layer of a super performing composite! Let us know what you think of this new product. "Like it" if you...like it :)! For more info on IMI's Tyvarian collection for vanity tops and shower and tub surrounds, click on this link.
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Tyvarian Tile Kitchen Backsplash

20130428-105319.jpg Our Tyvarian folks have been thinking way outside the box and developed a kitchen backsplash complete with tile feel and look, using traditional engineered composites methods. Advantages are numerous. Gone are the days when you have to re-grout your kitchen tile splash every year or scrape the loos grout line between your granite counter and the bottom tile row. Maintenance? Ha, zip, nada! Just wipe the area with your standard non abrasive cleaner when needed! Install: here is the kicker: hours instead of days. Let us know how you like this new product. It will be available soon in 6 colors and a couple of tile sizes. Check out our website for our Tyvarian collection.
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Top 10 Color Trends for 2013: Gray is in it and IMI has it!

Greys_for_tyvarian_2013   The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) has released the top 10 kitchen and bath design trends for 2013. And Gray is on the list, big time! See the full newsletter for free access to the full NKBA report.
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