Beep! Beep! IMI’s Mobile Showroom Is On The Road…

Starting Monday, October 26th IMI's mobile showroom will be taking to the streets! IMI's Senior Marketing Director, Joel Bump and his son will be manning the stocked 20 ft. truck and taking it up I-94 to the northeast. Aside from the great excuse for taking a fall foliage road trip, the mobile showroom will be visiting current dealers and those interested in becoming dealers. Scheduled stops include shops in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and more!

The mobile showroom contains almost all of IMI's products: countertops, vanities, shower surrounds, including the 12x12 slate tile looking surround, shower bases with IMI's ADA-Rated ramp and more! Why does everyone love to see the IMI mobile showroom coming? Because you can really get to know the products - touch them, hold them, feel them - and you get a feel for what makes IMI the reliable source it is. Our products are of the highest quality and we are proud to let you discover that fact for yourself.

Joel and the IMI mobile showroom have a little bit of free time in their road-tour schedule and we are still open to requests from builders, remodelers, hotels, spas, design firms, etc. for the mobile showroom to stop by. Think about scheduling a day and contact us by clicking here.

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