IMI Is Now A Proud Member Of The Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association

The Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association is a cutting-edge nonprofit organization whose mission is advance the business and professional development of independent dealers, manufacturers, representatives and others involved in the decorative plumbing and hardware industry. Products in this industry include bathroom accessories, plumbing, vanities, cabinet and door hardware, glass products, kitchen faucets and sinks, and the one IMI is a part of - tubs! IMI has countless tubs, custom, semi-custom, built-in, stand-alone, walk-in - completely unmatched in the industry! DPHA has published the industry’s only comprehensive education program for showroom staff and produced numerous guidelines for consumers to make better and well-informed purchasing decisions. DPHA's well-deserved reputation for quality and ability to create value for its members have enabled the organization to become the nation’s largest association dedicated exclusively to advance the interests of the independent decorative plumbing and hardware channel. Since its creation in 2002, DPHA has continually produced many marketing, educational and infrastructure products to improve our members’ businesses. On the DPHA website is a "Your Project" section to help homeowners and builders alike understand the broad range of homebuilding and renovation options available when you work with DPHA manufacturers and showrooms. Each section includes a topic overview and planning considerations. DPHA showrooms feature the most up-to-date styles and functional innovations in decorative plumbing and hardware to enable you to select products and applications that meet your specific needs. Whether you’re a designer, architect, contractor, installer or homeowner, you understand and appreciate the importance of quality, and you know—or will soon discover—the combination of beauty, functional elegance and technological superiority available in today’s upscale plumbing and hardware. Visit the Your Project section Here! A final important reason IMI is proud to be a member of the DPHA is the organizations strong code of ethics, which for us, is an extremely important part of doing business. DPHA Code of Conduct We are committed to observing and promoting high standards of ethical conduct. DPHA members pledge to accept this code as a minimum guideline for ethical conduct. DPHA members shall continually strive to:
  1. Conduct their business affairs in good faith and with honesty, integrity, due diligence and competence.
  2. Lead by example in representing the interests and ideals of the decorative plumbing and hardware industry.
  3. Act in a manner displaying the highest degree of professional behavior bringing credit to the profession and the industry.
  4. Compete vigorously and fairly.
  5. Provide quality goods and service.
Every DPHA member will gain trust by treating others with integrity, respect and fairness. We will act responsibly in all our professional relationships, in a manner consistent with the high standards we set for ourselves and our organizations.
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