How to use a cultured marble shower base and seat in your existing tile shower

If you already have an existing tile shower surround, you may wonder how you can freshen up these ugly grout lines on your base and seat? It is really simple: all horizontal surfaces in your shower will hold some water long after you stepped out of the shower. Grout is a porous material and mold loves warmth and humidity to start growing. The picture below illustrates how your remodeling contractor can incorporate a cultured marble shower base and shower seat in your existing tile shower. We also produced the cultured marble cap for the half wall at IMI's Atlanta, Ga cultured marble plant. Take a look at the various shower base sizes IMI has to offer; or learn more about custom shower pans in cultured marble. Call 770 928 2252 for a name a remodeling partner near you. DCP_0419
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