What is all the hype about Tyvarian® marble ??

Why Choose Tyvarian® marble?

Grout Free Surfaces: Won't ever require sealing and are impervious to water, mold and mildew. Durability: Rock solid test results showing its passing grade on industry standard tests, including scrubbability and UV resistance. Bristle brushes and UV light are no match for Tyvarian®, so you won't have to worry about colors fading or being scrubbed away. Cost: A fraction of the cost of slab-style granite, marble or travertine Installation: Can often be installed in your home in less than one day. No special footings or engineering are needed because Tyvarian® is much lighter than slab granite.
Come check us out: manufactured right here in Atlanta, GA,  available to remodelers and single family home builders.
Tyvarian tub deck with drop in 
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