As prices have gone up, don’t let service go down

We’ve been hearing it on the news, from friends even from our own mouths as we walk the aisles at the grocery store and balk at what we see. Prices have gone up. Seems to be a paradoxical occurrence in a down economy, doesn’t it? Many companies in all industries are also eliminating freebies, extras, bonuses or bulk values. This is probably a more expected sign of the times. One thing we don’t think you should have to expect or deal with is any decrease in the service you receive! As a business professional we know you are dedicated to giving your clients the best customer service possible, and you expect the same from the vendors who serve you. You don’t make excuses, and neither do we. The staff of International Marble Industries Inc. (IMI) has always been dedicated to excellent customer service, quick turnaround times and affordable quality products. IMI guarantees a 48 hour response time, and a typical five day lead time on products. How often have you heard the word “guarantee” lately? IMI also promises to get your quotes to you accurately and on-time. What’s on-time? How about within 24 hours of receiving the information? That’s fast! Would your clients like:
  • To make color selections with an IMI professional in a dedicated design center?
  • To have professional installers in their home, not just contracted laborers?
  • To have products that are warrantied by not only your company, but by the manufacturer as well?
Would you like:
  • To work with a company who was the first in the industry to offer the fastest lead time?
  • To work with a company that is a member of the ACMA, ICPA, NARI, GAHB & NAHB?
  • To work with a company that will do the measure AND the install for you?
  • To work with a company that actually loves to speak with your clients and answer their questions?
  • To work with a company that offers Certified Aging-In-Place Professionals to consult with you or your clients?
IMI is a company you and your clients can trust. We’re not letting economic downturns or pricing upturns change our dedication to excellence. Simply put, we’re offering a great product brought to you by great people. It’s a basic philosophy that has served us well over the years. Come back to the basics. Come to IMI.
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