Why Choose an Engineered Composite Over Tile?

Whether you’re talking about a bathroom or a kitchen, a floor or a countertop, a shower or a tub; tile has traditionally been a consumer favorite. Tile touts itself as easy to clean, durable, with low maintenance and in a variety of colors and sizes. But before we all start mixing up the grout, why not consider some alternatives. It seems like many clients, remodelers and builders look to tile simply because “that’s what they’ve always used.” This, of course, is a saying that never leads to improvement or discovery.

Let an engineered composite onto the playing field and you just might find that the tile you’ve always used is suddenly not the clear winner. MasterCast Engineered Composites from International Marble Industries, Inc. (IMI) are recognized as “Beautiful, Durable, Versatile, (and) Affordable.” Four values that are obviously in competition with everything we thought we knew about tile.  MasterCast Engineered Composites encompasses cultured marble, cultured granite, solid surface polymers, and engineered quartz Bathroom & Kitchen products. The beauty of a MasterCast engineered composites  product is immediately obvious. Used in high-end hotels around the world and first-time family homes alike this product boasts beauty that cannot be found anywhere else. From color to shape, the MasterCast Engineered Composite fabricators like IMI produce custom Bathroom Vanity Tops, Kitchen Countertops, Tubs, Shower Bases, and Shower/Tub Surrounds especially for remodelers, builders, dealers and re-sellers. Have you ever seen a tile curve? Have you ever seen a tile shower with no visible seams, no grout lines? Imagine the beauty of a product that could do both! Now imagine that same product needing no sealing, no special cleaners, which resists stains and mold and is antibacterial.  If it sounds too good to be true then you are starting to learn why engineered composites are quickly becoming a top choice in today’s economy. Homeowners want a product that will be durable, easy to care for and add value to their home. An engineered composite can suit all of those needs, which has the end result of making the builders and remodelers who use them very happy. A final reason these users, owners and makers of engineered composites stay so happy is the longevity of the product. No warranty visits when the tile grout starts cracking or the tile shower base starts leaking. No spreading mold or mildew which can cause major health problems. Engineered composites are waterproof and a non-porous surface that deliver a warmer, softer feel to the touch than cold tile. If you are a builder, remodeler, kitchen and bath dealer or re-seller and you know your clients would like this product contact IMI today. IMI professionals would be happy to provide you with an on-line presentation of the products.  On IMI’s website you can find your Contractor Kit as well as information for Kitchen and Bath Dealers. Please visit IMI on the web at: http://www.intlmarbleindustries.com/
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