Remodeling Professionals: Are Your Clients “Serial Remodelers”?

If they're not you may just want them to be, because if it sounds like a bad thing – it’s not. Serial remodels, or phased remodeling projects, can go over several months and even years. For example, homeowners might opt to start slow with a remodel to a powder room or closet and then tackle a larger project, such as the kitchen, master bath or home addition. According the the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, residential remodels are no longer those once-in-a-lifetime projects that keep homeowners dreaming years on end before they ever pick up a hammer. Instead, many homeowners opt to do a series of remodels as their schedules, budgets and lifestyles evolve over time! Qualified Remodeler’s business website says that these phased remodeling projects are part of a larger trend in American consciousness, which Trendwatching calls “Foreverism.” It speaks to people’s desire to continue conversations, relationships and projects over time. Technology is driving people’s ability to find, follow, interact and collaborate forever with anyone and anything, and home improvement is just one of the areas benefiting from the trend. According to Qualified Remodeler, phasing a remodeling project has a number of benefits, besides cultivating contractor/client relationships. For homeowners who can’t fund the entire project upfront, breaking elements of a major home remodel into stages can help extend costs over time.  Embarking on a series of smaller projects also keeps homeowners less stressed. IMI professionals would be happy to help you propose and prepare a phased remodeling project involving any of our products. It just may be a feasible way to allow your clients to realize their phases.
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