How Social Media are changing the marketing landscape for home builders.

John Hunt (ViaSearch) dove into some interesting statistics at the Smart Numbers Housing Market Summit held on December 13 2012 at the Georgia Galleria Centre. His research shows that about 70% of today's home buyers use a real estate broker and that 40% of these buyers end up buying a home that they researched and found themselves. Figure the math and nearly half of today's home buyers find their ultimate dream home through their own efforts. Traditional marketing techniques like posting your properties in the classified ads, putting out directional signs still play a role. But Social media vehicles such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have in turned spawned a multitude of hybrid, housing oriented advertising vehicles such as and many more. Think of it: social media giant Facebook tracks your personal comments, likes etc for many years and launches FB Pages such as to capture the business side; Search giant knows more about what we look for on the web than anyone else and launches Google+ to cover its social corner, And Microsoft covers the middle of the field with with Bing Social. Add this link, Twitter, Tumblr etc to call it SOCIAL MARKETING On the other side of the spectrum, SEO or SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION techniques are used to make sure your website advances to the top of the search results. Connect the dots on both platforms, give it some time and you will see the results, say.... the (paid) experts. In 2013 and beyond, home builder, subcontractors and suppliers to the housing industry will need to master both elements to cover all their bases. Nothing about this business is getting any easier! But it allows us with one keystroke to promote and sell cultured marble wall surrounds and tub enclosures across the globe. Isn't this a wonderful, flat and interconnected world?  
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