Mastercast Engineered Composites in the low country

Visited USC today with our 17 year old son in search of the perfect college to allow him to pursue his dream career in international business. No cultured marble for this kid. How about Mastercast Engineered Composites? Well, that may stand a chance with the young man... We decided to make a detour via Charleston to visit our friend Ricky Webb in Summerville, SC. Had not seen Ricky in about a year and we needed to catch up on the status of our business. Turns out that the Single Family construction business in that area had been hit about 8 months earlier than in Atlanta and that there were signs of rebound. Ricky proudly showed us his new showroom setup showing the new generation of MasterCast Engineered Composites, good looking products that looked like the real McCoy. Nicely installed. Wipe off the dust, and he is in business! We shared a couple of view points on what else to do to get through this economy and took off for Charleston. Our hotel sported a set of cultured marble surrounds in the good old "white with country grey color". Good looking swirl. But why do these panels keep being too low for for out 6'7" high school senior? The days that a 5ft surround was tall enough at 60" above the tub are over. This new generation need taller panels! I am sure glad he ducked for that low hanging sprinkler head in the hall way!
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