In honor of earth day!

In honor of earth day today, IMI wanted to spotlight how we are always looking for ways to manufacture the best MasterCast Engineered Composites offering earth friendly options.  Two things IMI is able to do in the manufacturing process is offer soy based resins and recycled glass. Soy resins can be used in the manufacturing of kitchen and bath surfaces such as seamless shower pans and shower walls, countertops and other surfaces for commercial and residential construction and remodeling. One of the interesting facts about using soybeans for non-tofu-related purposes is that it isn’t a new concept. Henry Ford was widely known as a soybean fanatic in the 1930s when, in his efforts to meld America’s agricultural and manufacturing industries, he designed an entire car made with soy-based plastic panels. (source article) IMI gets creative with backfill materials, using glass dust at times. Glass dust is the scrap of glass recycling. The U.S. generates 13.6 million tons of glass waste per year (EPA, 2007) with 24% of that number going to recycling uses. We have been experimenting with recycled glass and are pleased with our results! In fact the best way that you could see what the possibilities are is to schedule an appointment to tour our showroom and maybe take a peek at our plant!  We are open by appointment from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday and you can reach us at 770.928.2252.
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