The smallest room in your house!

IMI Shower

The smallest room in your home may require the largest number of professionals to remodel. With IMI’s Remodeler’s Edge, we have a general contractor, plumber and install crews that will be able to transform your bathroom all from the same location, International Marble Industries, in Woodstock, Georgia! Every bathroom may have the same necessities; a vanity, toilet, tub and/or shower, but everything else is the frosting on the cake!  IMI’s frostings include different edges for vanities, colors, patterns and the ability to customize your shower base or drain. One of the first things you’ll consider when thinking about a bathroom remodel is the tub or shower. This choice sets the tone for the rest of the project. Do you dream of a whirlpool tub for leisurely soaking? Do you need a walk-in tub for health or safety reasons? Or maybe you just need an inexpensive alternative to what you currently have.  IMI has a wide range of products that will suite your wants and needs! In a price that you can afford to add some frosting to your bathroom, such as our wall surrounds. These surrounds can transform your bathroom and make it easier to clean all at the same time! We have a showroom right here in Woodstock, GA if you are in the area, you can call us to make an appointment or you can visit our website to see more of our products!
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