MasterCast Engineered Composites is the product of choice!

With IMI’s Remodeler’s Edge program you can be assured that our cultured marble, cultured granite, and SSP materials are members of the flourishing family of MasterCast Engineered Composites. Guided by industry quality control testing and standards since 1974, MasterCast™ is the product of choice for decorative and functional surfacing such as countertops, bathtubs, custom shower bases, shower/tub walls, and more.  Through the process of “casting,” or pouring chemically bonded mineral fillers into molds, Int’l. Marble Industries can create cast polymer products in custom shapes, designs, textures and colors. Finished products combine the beauty and functionality of natural stone with the ability to be shaped. IMI’s MasterCast™ allows homeowners and builders unlimited applications in a price point that is affordable.  Among the many advantages of IMI’s MasterCast™:

• Molded to fit many shapes and applications;

• 48 Exclusive IMI colors;

• Stain, burn and scratch resistant;

• No seams or grout to collect germs

or bacteria;

• Adds lasting value to your home; and

• Priced to fit your budget.

 MasterCast™ Engineered Composite products from International Marble Industries, Inc. include:

Standard Vanity Tops

Custom Vanity Tops

Whirlpool Tubs

Drop-In Tubs

Stand Alone Luxury Tubs

Standard Shower Bases

Custom Shower Bases

Soap & Shampoo Holders

ADA Custom Shower Bases

“ACHIEVE” Easy Access Ramp

Shower Seats

Shower & Tub Wall Surrounds

 There is no better product for so many uses … or with so many options. Whether you're in search of a standard vanity top or the complete line of International Marble Industries, Inc. products, our MasterCast™ Engineered Composites offer you the flexibility and the aesthetics you desire.  If you would like to visit our showroom we would love to show it to you! We are open by appointment from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Call us and we would be happy to give you a tour.
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