Did you know IMI has custom shower bases and drains?

 Int’l. Marble Industries, Inc. has a full range of products that will indulge your senses and provide the safety you need.  You can choose a Tub to Shower Conversion that gives you more freedom and eliminates the need to step up and over the tub wall. Or, IMI can produce a custom shower base with the “ACHIEVE” Easy Access Ramp, which eliminates the curb and allows for No Barrier access. And, the IMI shower bases and ramp are both ADA rated for slip resistance.  We understand that many times when you are remodeling your bathroom, it is because of a particular need.  It may be age, illness, injury, or simply a new preference. We strive to meet those needs and give you a finished product that is beautiful too!  IMI is a licensed General Contractor with a Licensed Plumber and a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) on staff.  We will give you the “Remodelers Edge” when you decide to enrich your lives and your bathroom. Isn’t it time to let IMI give you the edge?
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