Hot Air Massage for Cultured Marble Tubs now available from IMI

features04a   american-air03-newjets "Whirlpool tubs" had become the generic name for tubs equipped with a water and air bubble system: a pump underneath the tub would pick up water from the bath ares, mix it with air taken from above the tub deck and push the mixture through large orifices inside the tub wall. While it was at times noisy, it did the job at a reasonable cost. Enter the Hot Air Massage system: 18 small mini jets each with its own check valve allow hot air to be blown into the tub, creating a warm, sensational feeling. The blower motor is quiet, carries a lifetime warranty and runs on standard household 110V electrical power. Check out IMI's extensive offering of tub designs and call our office at 770 928 2252 to see which tub can be equipped with this marvelous massage system.
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