Flipping has been replaced with nesting!

IMI Shower

Times have changed flipping has been replaced with nesting! Personally, I can relate to this change, “flipping” was the buzzword of recent years, and even if we didn’t flip a house, we were in awe of those who could. Now we have came full circle, and “nesting” is the buzzword. Some of us are looking at our nest and thinking “maybe this nest could use a little work!”

In our current economic and real estate market, many of us figure that since we can’t sell our home we might as well make it more comfortable during this “nesting” time. Now, we just have to start deciding where we would like to invest in our homes. One area of the home that will create a higher return on our investment is remodeling our bathrooms. It gives us an immediate return by making us feel better and a long-term value for when we do sell.

IMI has a full line of cultured marble products for your bathroom remodeling needs. We have everything from standard shower bases, custom shower bases, shower and tub surrounds to pretty much anything you can imagine for your bathroom remodeling needs!

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